How my buddies and I escaped the seventh cyborg attack.

The attack came out of nowhere, for those of us in Sector 9. It was the moment that set us on this journey, never to forget it again...

by Christopher Wray

A beautiful gray day.

It was a beautiful gray day. It hadn't been gray for at least 20 weeks, as the mog had settled in last year, and never wanted to go away. Early in the morning, the wind had finally come in and blew the mog out for a full 30 minutes. We finally could see the beautiful gray sky again.

June 12, 2047

09:38 pm

The attack

We were on the line when it happened. Suddenly we heard the indescribable sound of the atomite bomb (in the old days called atomic) blowing. Not 3 seconds later, we could see the skeletons of everybody down the line. It was like we were all bones along the line, waiting to crumble. I had heard that normally you could see through flesh when the bombs went off, but I never completely believed it. When it happened, I thought of this of one of those old horror movies my Grandpa used to talk about. They suddenly became real too. We could not hear anything at all for at least five minutes after the skeleton moment. All of us were coughing, as the bomb had completely destroyed Sectors 12-37. Cement and dust were flying down, crushing a person or two in each direction.

June 12, 2047

10:06 pm

Sector 7

Within half of the hour, all of us on Sector 9 had made it down to Sector 7. Jordan, a close friend who had grown up with me through the awakening was close by. We worked on the line together most days. In Sector 8 we had caught up with Blake and Jordan. This Jordan was another friend who had lived in the outer core for 4 years till he had moved to Mercury with us. Blake was head of core construction, and Jordan was keeper of the eggs. Both of them were more important than us, since they had jobs on Sector 8, but we had remained close since growing up and going through the awakening. Cyborgs were never a good idea, and we had learned our lesson many years before. The problem is that it was already too late. In Sector 7, we gathered with the mass of survivors. It seemed like there was going to be a planned counter attack, but most of us were going to need to stay underground until an escape could be made.

June 12, 2047

To be Continued?

We were just attacked again. We are running for our lives. I will try to write soon.

June 16, 2048

How my buddies and I escaped the seventh cyborg attack.