Creation of MyJourney

How in the world was MyJourney ever created? In this journey, I will share the journey of MyJourney.

by Christopher Wray

Finally, I could go to WGU.

I had been working on going to Western Governors University since 2019. The reason I hadn't joined then, is because we lived in Mexico, and I couldn't join their program from outside of the US. I had decided to hold off trying until we got back to the States. When Covid-19 hit, and immigration offices were closed, I began to know that it could be a long time till we got Areli's visa. I decided to go back to school for Software development. I applied to several universities and was even accepted to one Software Engineering program, but I was not enthused, as it was going to be expensive, and a large time commitment. WGU provided flexibility and was way cheaper. I finally called WGU in June, and said hey, this is my situation, can you guys make an exception? And they said yes!

June 17, 2020

I wanted to share my journey

For a couple of weeks, I wanted to share my journey towards software development. I was never a super smart person in my opinion, and even having the opportunity to study Software was thrilling to me... I wanted to build a website, where I could share my journey towards software development on a timeline, so people could see how things changed in my plans, again and again, bringing me to where I was then.

June 19, 2020

12:46 am

What if anyone could share their journey?

I went to bed, and there was a lot on my mind... What was the best way of presenting my journey? What cms would I use in order to do it? Then, all of a sudden, the idea came! "What if anyone could share their journeys?" Maybe more people could share their journeys, and maybe I could be the person that makes it possible for them to do that. I got out of bed and started building this website.

June 29, 2020

Building the website.

I went full bore on this project. I really thought it was a good idea... I also joined the Pioneer Challenge to help keep me motivated and to get good feedback from other people.

July 07, 2020

We need to share journeys.

Now with the minimum product done, I have realized that we really need to share our journeys with each other. Not just on this website, but everywhere. We need to learn what others have experienced, in order to make us more empathetic and kind to each other. Sharing our journeys can help make us better people.

August 12, 2020

Creation of MyJourney