How I learned to love my Creator.

This is the most important journey of my life, and one that I trust will never end. It is a beautiful journey, but a hard one too. At the beginning, it is kind of like a dream, because I was so blessed as a child. In the middle, and towards the end, you will read of my struggles, and you will know how selfish I am, and how good God has been to me through it all.

by Christopher Wray

Sitting by my dad.

Every Sunday, I sat by my dad. In our church we had a long table at the front of the church. All of the pastors would sit on one side of the table facing the congregation, and all of the deacons would sit on the other side facing the pastors. My dad was a pastor, and most Sundays he would let me fall asleep on his lap. When he preached, I would listen intentionally and I loved his passion as he shared the good news.

December 09, 2000

On our way home.

Sometime around this date, my sister and I were fighting in the car, and my mom started sharing the Gospel with us. She shared with us why what we were doing was sinful, and that God hated sin. She shared how we deserved to receive punishment for our sin, but that Jesus took the punishment we deserved for us instead on the Cross. When we got home, my sister and I both accepted Christ into our hearts by the side of our bed.

July 21, 2002

In the wild.

All summer long, I was out exploring. We had a dog, and she and I would explore our farm, build forts and sit thinking. I remember one day sitting and praying, thinking about how loved I was by my father in Heaven. The beauty of creation was all around me, and He showed me his glory.

June 15, 2005

To be continued

I will continue work on this journey! Come back soon.(:

August 09, 2020

How I learned to love my Creator.